The Vacation Home Rule for a Recession

0 Flares 0 Flares × writer Robert Lanham cracked me up today.

In “Giving the recession the finger,” he describes the f–k it mentality embraced by some Americans in the face of mounting job losses, 401k annihilation and the $800 billion recovery (or spending, depending on your political stance) program pushed through by legislators. Even with all that, it’s as though a few are saying, “They can take our jobs, they can take our retirement, but they can’t take our vacation.”

While I’m no proponent of the newly unemployed raiding their savings for that Tulum vacation rental, those who are relatively secure in their gigs should take that deserved time off. And let’s face it: Pending layoffs are no secret. Unless you’re Joe Friendless who eats lunches at his desk and logs in and logs off without so much as a hello, you have a pretty good idea if an apocalypse is near. You think those shady bankers and auto workers weren’t prepared for the collapse of their industries?

No, for you folks, now would not be the time for margaritas and four-star resorts.

If you’re planning an escape, whether it’s a Mexico vacation home or Hawaii vacation rental, I highly suggest that you check out our Last-Minute Deals page. Because when consumers are hurting, property owners are hurting, too, and that’s your chance to swoop in to find a price that’s within your means.

I repeat: within your means.

The new mantra for the American economy.

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