This is the Vacation Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

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Here is a list of things that would help Mom relax, which is all she really wants for Mother’s Day:

1. A pool. Even if she doesn’t want to go for a swim herself, she’d like to throw all you kids in one to get your extra energy out.
2. A beach. The sound of the waves crashing and a chance to soak up some sun. Vitamin D is important to Mom’s health. Perhaps Dad will hold hands with her and walk along the shore line of this beach?
3. Put your dinner dishes in the dishwasher yourself. Don’t make her ask.
4. Let her sleep in. Yes, the breakfast in bed is a good idea. But don’t wake her up for it.
5. Do your own laundry. If this is really hard for you, there is probably a YouTube video with instructions. Most 4th graders can build websites and manipulate advanced technology like DVRs and smart phones. Certainly washing your bed sheets isn’t outside the realm of possibilities.

Let’s make the Mother’s Day wish list one step easier. Here is where to start. This is a perfect vacation house for Mom’s Big Day on Marco Island.

The pool: it has a cute little dining set so the kiddies can have lunch outside and keep their precious dripping wet feet outside. Mom can also sip her iced tea and read a book out on this gorgeous covered pool area. Beach towels are provided.

The beach: it’s just around the corner. The house has a great outdoor shower to keep the sand out of your suitcase. Mom will appreciate that. There is a nice beach view from the house, so Dad get ready to romance her! The vacation home comes with bikes if she’d like to ride down the beach or check out the shops.

Sleeping/ Breakfast in Bed: the master suite is furnished with a comfy king bed and it’s own full bath. The children have their own full and half baths to share amongst themselves. This home is spacious, so give Mom a little space for her special holiday. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to make her favorites. The grocery store is nearby as well as plenty of gourmet restaurants. Order in something fancy if cooking isn’t your thing.

Laundry and Dishes: Straighten up your house for her before you leave. This vacation home has a dishwasher and a washer and dryer. And there is a fail-safe! You’ll get a house keeper too!

Now you know. Go make her special day more special than ever.

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