Tips for Your Next Road Trip

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With the end of summer also comes the end of summer road trips. This summer I was lucky enough to take a few short road trips. Here are a couple of things I learned that I need to remember for next year:


1. Turn your glove compartment into organization central

If you are like me your glove compartment generally looks like it came from an episode of Hoarders. Before you go on your road trip clear out your glove compartment and only put back the things you actually need. What’s in mine? GPS, aspirin, car manual, change for tolls, and sunglasses.

2. Pack healthy snacks and stop for the unhealthy stuff

America is full of amazing food and you would hate to miss any of it. Driving straight by the ‘best ribs in Texas’ is out of the question. The trick is to pack healthy snacks, like baby carrots, for driving and then stopping for a great lunch along the way. This way you won’t miss anything and you can keep your caloric intake somewhat reasonable.

3. Find places to stay along the way

If your road trip is long split it up with a couple nights in a vacation home. My recommendation is finding a place with a comfy bed and a jacuzzi. This rental in Santa Fe would be perfect for a quick weekend pitstop.


Have you been on a road trip recently? Where did you go? Do you have any other road trip tips?

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  1. Road trips are fun. But planning is the key. Only pack stuff which you are really going to need on the course of your journey. Know the route properly. Before you actually start your trip, find out about the rental places where you are going to rest.

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