To Die For: A Maui Vacation Home

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If you’re intrigued by this luxury Maui vacation home, either A)price is not an issue or B)you’re just stopping by to look.

And how could you not? That would be like going into to Tiffany and turning your eyes away from the diamonds. You couldn’t.

The Japanese-influenced beach rental set on 4.1 acres sells me on the promises of lush landscaping, wide open, wood-paneled rooms, dreamy bedrooms and oh, those views. Swaddled by 120 coconut trees – including one very majestic Monkey Pod tree – the house knocks me off my computer desk chair. (And take it from me, since I started blogging for, I’ve seen a lot of listings.)

What makes it even more exceptional: staircases that sweep to the second floor without rails, three neighboring guest houses, an outdoor jacuzzi and overall privacy for you and your posse.

The economic state of our country makes everyone nervous about even thinking about spending their money, but it never hurts to look. One day you might be flush, and this, along with any other Hawaii vacation home, could be your regular getaway.

Don’t give up the dream.

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  1. Too many people brush off Hawaii as a place to own a vacation home. They think it’s too expensive or too far. But, in today’s market, the vacation homes available in Hawaii are numerous and the prices are affordable. Plus, it is the one place everyone in the family doesn’t mind coming to visit you at. What more could you ask for?

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