Top 5 Haunted Houses in America

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1. Franklin Castle (also Hannes Tiedemann House) – Cleveland, OH

Franklin Castle

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In the Franklin Castle, there are secret passages honeycomb the house and sliding panels hide the doorways to these hidden corridors. It is said that a thirteen-year-old girl was once murdered in one of these hallways by her uncle because he believed her to be insane. In the front tower, it is rumored that a bloody ax murder once took place and it was here that one of the former owners found a secret cabinet that contained human bones.
Strange voices coming from empty rooms and behind the walls, sounds of crying children, faces that suddenly materialize in the woodwork, spinning chandeliers, cold spots, and mysterious ectoplasm…these are but a few of the bizarre occurrences witnessed by those who have entered Franklin Castle, one of Ohio’s most notorious haunted places.

2. Hampton Lillibridge House – Savannah, GA

Hampton Lillibridge House

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The most haunted house in Savannah, Georgia is the Hampton Lillibridge residence. It is the scene of several tragic deaths and even an exorcism. It began its interesting life by surviving the great fire of 1820, which destroyed almost all of the residences in the area. It later became a sailor boarding house where one sailor who hung himself is said to still haunt the halls. When it was sold again and moved, one of the workers was killed in the process, and workers told of how tools were missing or had been moved. A tabby crypt was also discovered under the house when it was being relocated. There are continual reports of it still being a haunted house, and after the house was moved in 1963, the new owners had an exorcism conducted. Unfortunately for them, the paranormal activity resumed within a week.

3. The Lalaurie House – French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

The Lalaurie House

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The Lalaurie House appears to be just like any other house from the early 1800’s; even the owners Dr. Louis & Delphine appeared to be regular upper class folks. However that all changed after a fire (thought to be started by the cook) brought a hidden space in the attic to light. Over the years, Madame Lalaurie had been chaining slaves and brutally abusing & torturing them. She and her family fled the area during the fire and were never seen from again.
Ever since the fire, residents and visitors alike have claimed to see slaves in chains, and other apparitions around the household. There are also the ever-present sounds of screams, groans and cries that would reverberate through the house at night.

4. The Thomas McCann House (also The Congress House) – Bend, OR

The Thomas McCann House

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This house has an interesting history & construction; in addition to servants’ quarters and a nursery for the children, the house had a central vacuum system, a hand pulley mechanism that moved a woodbox from the basement to three fireplaces located in the library, living room and master bedroom.
Over the years, there have been reports of paranormal sightings & reports of families who have lived there and died there due to living in a cursed house.

5. The Riddle House Yesteryear Village, West Palm Beach, FL

The Riddle House

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In The Riddle House’s early days, it was used as the nearby cemetery’s “Gatekeeper’s Cottage. One day in the cottage, there was an argument that resulted in the gatekeeper’s death. Once the man passed away, it was said that the locals could still see him walking along in the cemetery, as well as around the actual home itself, although never appearing angry or vengeful.
Even through the passing of hands from the cemetery to Karl Riddle, to Palm Beach Atlantic College, workers and residents of the house have always experienced paranormal activities. These activities ranged from sounds of chains and knocks, to workers equipment being moved or removed totally from the area.
In order for nephew John Riddle to preserve the historical value of the house, he had it moved to Yesteryear Village, where it rests today. It also seems that the original property was not as attractive to the spirits as the actual home itself. Despite being relocated, the ghostly apparitions are still seen today.


Have you ever been to one of these haunted houses? Would you ever step in one? Maybe you have a haunted house in your town you would like us to hear about. Leave us a comment to let us know!

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