Top 5 Plan B Vacation Home Destinations

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Friends who had originally planned for a romantic getaway to Buenos Aires are rethinking things, what, with all the anxiety at home and in the global market. My advice: Don’t sacrifice the time off you earned with 80-hour work weeks–just be more sensible about where you’re willing to travel.

Because who wants to give up their vacation?

While a five-star hotel in London may be out of fiscal reality, a vacation home within your budget is just a click or two away. Here are five “Plan B” options worth exploring that won’t break the bank.

1. Calgary vacation home instead of Quebec

2. Chicago vacation rental instead of Manhattan

3. Utah vacation cabin instead of Aspen

4. Tampa Bay vacation home instead of Miami Beach

5. Turks and Caicos vacation rental instead of Hawaii

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Valerie Moloney is your resident blogger and the Expansion Markets Editor for, who oddly enough, feels panicked when asked, "What's the best place to eat in Chicago?" or her favorite, "It's my birthday. Where should we go with a party of six?" No stranger to travel--and traveling with kids--she is a young mom who ODs on the Internet when it comes to planning family trips or buying clothes. Here's hoping she finds you the vacation you deserve.

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  1. Sandy Talem says:

    Interesting read. Can you give more details on this?

  2. Kona Coast says:

    There are excellent vacation rentals in Hawaii to spend memorable your vacations.

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