Top 5 Things To Do Today to fill your Vacation Rental this Summer!

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Recently at we launched a groundbreaking survey and asked almost 20,000 of our renters about their experiences with our owners and what the renters wanted in their next vacation. We are just starting to put together the amazing findings from this work but we will be sharing the data over the coming weeks and months right here.

Since the summer season is in high gear for many of our Vacation Rental Owners the first thing we are going to talk about is what can you do today to fill in those last few weeks you may be struggling to get booked. The top 5 things our renters want in their vacation rental experience are:

1) Trusting that the house is as advertised
Our renters want to know that their hard earned vacation is going to go well. They don’t want to show up to a vacation home rental with their family and have it be a disaster. Build trust early and often with your potential renters. Put up lots of big, nice pictures of your house. Make your descriptions unique and interesting. When someone inquires on your property, don’t just send them a one line “yep, its available” email but use that as an opportunity to build trust and start a relationship.

2) Simple and safe payment
An overwhelming majority of our renters said that they payment and contracting portion of the process needs to be simple and safe. When you get to this portion of the process, make sure you explain everything well. Make sure your documents are clear and professional and go out of your way to explain how everything works. It can be scary for a new renter to send money to a complete stranger. Don’t lose the booking at this crucial stage by scaring away the renter.

3) Lets make a Deal!
Sometimes “Deals” turn off owners but they shouldn’t. A “Deal” doesn’t necessarily mean a “Discount”. Make a renter feel like they are getting a bargain by throwing in some low cost but appreciated items. Some of the best deals we have seen don’t involve discounts on price but offer low cost items that only a local would know about. Give them much appreciated items like a welcome basket full of local produce, a bottle of lcoal wine, tickets to the local fair or any number of things that don’t cost a lot of money but have a lot of value to a visitor who doesn’t know the area. Make your vacation rental stand out by selling an experience, not just a house.

4) Location, location, location!
Most owners don’t think there is much they can do about the location of their house. But remember, the visitor may not know the area as well as you do. Sell your location and all the great reasons to rent your house. Make sure your descriptions show why renting your house in your location is the best place to do it. Is there a great restaurant nearby? Is there a small romantic picnic spot? Make sure to highlight these great reasons to choose your house over your competition.

5) Renting for less than 1 week
We know that it is sometimes a pain in the neck to be flexible. We all want to rent and fill our calendars completely but this late in the game it is sometimes smart to be flexible in your last few remaining openings. Remember that folks who are still looking for summer rentals probably haven’t planned ahead and may need more flexibility also. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and clearly say that you are willing to work with renters on their schedules and make it a happy experience for both parties rather than making it seem like a headache for all.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Things to do Today to fill your Vacation Rental this Summer!. Look forward to more exciting insights from as we dig into the feedback provided by our renters.

Happy Bookings!

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