Top Tips for EASY Winter Travel

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Many families are still trying to find the time for a pumpkin patch visit to get those seasonal obligatory family photos of the kids covered in hay. The idea of planning winter holiday travel might seem like too much too soon- Not So! Getting a head start on your travel plans is actually quite easy, and the time savings you’ll experience by doing a little bit right now will prove to be enormous in the end. Here are the Top 5 early bird tips for making the most of your winter holiday vacation.

1. Set your travel days and be inflexible. That’s right: be inflexible. Just “going with the flow” 6 weeks from now is not going to relax you if that means making last minute arrangements. Set your schedule now, tell your friends and family, and stick to the schedule. Plus, by knowing where and when you’ll be every where will take some hassle out of packing!

2. Stay near friends and family, and enjoy your own space. You’ll need time to decompress after seeing everyone. Having a private home base is essential to making your vacation an enjoyable one. With plenty of vacation rental homes all over, it’ll be easy as pumpkin pie to find one near your great aunt’s farm or your college buddy’s condo.

3. Lighten your luggage by choosing an equipped home. Traveling as a family can get messy. Instead of packing 12 outfits for 6 days, stay in a vacation home with a washer and dryer. This home on the Chesapeake Bay is perfectly suited for families. From a full kitchen to a private pool, this home has exactly what you need and all of what you want.

4. Be the social coordinator the easy way: get insider help. Many private vacation home owners make themselves available for more than just questions. They know the area, the restaurants, the attractions, and some even have special coupons and discounts to make your trip more affordable. When you book your rental home, ask! You’ll live it up like a local.

5. If you’re heading abroad, keep the family together. Large multi-family vacation homes are easy to find in some of the hottest winter travel destinations. This 16 acre estate is a great example of a tropical holiday paradise for the whole family. Seven bedrooms and eight bath rooms  make this home perfect for all the cousins.

This could be your path home from the beach

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