Tra la la la la: A Vacation Home Rental for the Holidays

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For some folks, the idea of not spending the holidays in their own homes is akin to eating Chinese takeout on the Fourth of July. It’s just about un-American.

But to that, I say, Why the heck not? You can bring your food, presents and family to the vacation home. If the price is within your budget, why not make a trip part of your yuletide plans?

The owner of this Pennsylvania vacation rental was savvy enough to push its potential as a holiday escape now, three months before Christmas and New Year’s. Consumers are stung by higher food and fuel expenses, which means extras like getaways aren’t priorities unless the price is within reach. The house costs $900 a week from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2, which isn’t so bad if you can find extended family to share the rental fee.

It would behoove other listing owners to make their holiday blitz early, as flights around that time are supposed to be 30 percent higher this year than last year, according to Sorry renters – that we can’t help you with.

If you’re a property owner, however, say, for a luxury Colorado vacation home or Miami Beach vacation condo (Because where else would you want to ring in the New Year?), the timing of your holiday marketing couldn’t be more urgent. Do it now.

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