Travel Bucket List: Learn to Jet Ski

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Have you ever jet skied? I’ve always thought it would be a ton of fun, but have never given it a shot. Have you ever gone? Have you ever wanted to? Is it on your travel bucket list?

If you are going to give jet skiing a try there are plenty of vacation rentals on the water that would be the perfect place. Added bonus when you are exhausted from a day of making waves, your bed is only a few steps away! This rental in Miami is five minutes from Miami Beach and has a dock right on the water.

Oh, yeah and there is also a pool! How great is that?

And, if you need someplace a little bigger to practice your jet ski technique you could always try this Winter Park, Florida home.

The house would definitely give you plenty of space, and so would this beautiful lake.

Doesn’t that look amazing! So, what do you think? Are you ready to spend a week in Florida learning how to jet ski? Who knows by the end of the week you could be doing this.


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