Travel Bucket List: Mai Tais in Malibu

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I’ve never been to Malibu, but have always thought it would be the perfect place for a relaxed beach vacation. And what could make a beach vacation better than Mai Tais? Is drinking Mai Tais in Malibu on your bucket list?

Check out this Malibu ocean-view vacation home where every room comes with an amazing view.

I love how tucked away the house looks on the hill. The full kitchen looks ready to give this Mai Tai recipe and these Mai Tai popsicles a try.

And enjoying the drinks would be easy on the second floor porch. 

Would this be your Malibu dream house?


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One Response to Travel Bucket List: Mai Tais in Malibu

  1. Pepe Cabrera says:

    A good and safe house close to Fisherman Wharf

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