Travel Bucket List: Picnic on the Beach

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Is having a picnic on the beach on your bucket list? I am always disorganized when I go to the beach, so I am lucky if I remember a water bottle or a granola bar. I would love to plan ahead someday and bring some sandwiches, fruit, and drinks to the beach for a serious picnic. And having this adorable vintage picnic basket wouldn’t hurt! Have you ever done a real beach picnic or are you like me and pray that there is beach pizza or ice cream in the vicinity?


What do you think of that private beach? I can envision the picnic basket on the white sand! And in the event that I forgot any important parts of the picnic I would only be a few steps away from the kitchen. Perfect!

If you are a little too sunburnt to have every meal on the beach you can always have a snack in the “great room.”

Isn’t that beautiful?! If I wasn’t on the beach I would definitely be in that room! So what do you think? Are you ready to head to Vero Beach and have picnics on the beach everyday?



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