Travel with Your Dog

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“If dogs could talk it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one.”
Andy Rooney

But they sure are fun on vacation! Here are some top picks for places to take your pooches and see other dogs in action. A pet friendly vacation home easy to find near these great dog shows around the US.

If you like your canine friends to look like mini walking ottomans, check out the Pembroke Welsh Corgi show that begins September 18 in Lancaster, PA. Agility, herding, and tracking trials will test these little golden balls of energy.

This pet friendly family home is perfect for your stay in PA. Security crates are even available upon request, so save yourself some packing. This home has space for 12 of your human friends too and 5.5 baths! You’ll all have a chance to groom to the max before the dog show with all those bathrooms. Other pet-friendly amenities include 3 all season fireplaces. Great for your pooch to rest his weary bones after a hard day of playing. The back yard is more than ample for large and small dogs alike. The well decorated patio and outdoor dining area seem to be designed for the dog who knows what good food means. So fire up a few hot dogs on the grill for your dog, and dine together in the perfect fall weather.

If you’ve got a well behaved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, take him to see the obedience trial portion of the dog show in  Shelton, Washington on September 23rd.

This cabin in the woods has plenty of space to roam. There’s even a lake for your water-loving fur-baby. The dock and boat slip make for a purr-fect week on the water for the whole family. To maximize your time in the great outdoors, this cabin is equipped with outdoor heaters to take the chill off while you watch the stars come out.

Got a fierce pooch? Come hang with your tribe! Vegas is home to the show for American Staffordshire Terriers on October 11th.

This spa home is the perfect oasis for pampering you and your pooch. Stick the humans in the hot tub. Dive in the pool. There are even misters to keep you cool outside on hot desert days. Need more exercise? A gorgeous family park is just up the street. For the big hikers, check out Red Rock Canyon State Park, just 15 minutes away.

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