Traveling with Your Dog

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Got a dog? Well, then you know – while you may be convinced that your furry friend should be welcomed everywhere, the unfortunate truth is that he isn’t. ‘Dogs drool too much!’ ‘Dogs shed too much!’ ‘Dogs smell terrible!’ You could say all the same things about me, but I’m still allowed to roam as I please.

Haters going to hate.

But some cities are surprisingly accepting of your canine companion. Below are the Top 3 Cities to Travel to with Your Hound.

1. Seattle, Washington
The Emerald City appreciates the value of having a dog on board. Seattle has long been considered a premier dog destination; there are plenty of dog parks, dog boutiques and some of the restaurants will even allow you and Rex inside to enjoy your a cup of java together.

Two of my favorite activities in Seattle to share with my lab are the Fremont Sunday Ice Cream Cruise and the Kenmore Air Tour. The Fremont Sunday Ice Cream Cruise involves eating ice cream on a ferry, and dogs are invited – how is this not on the top of every dog owner’s list, right? The Kenmore Air Tour is a flightseeing tour that actually allows dogs to come along for the ride. There’s nothing better than an aerial tour of the city with your best buddy riding shotgun.

2. San Diego, California
San Diego has anointed itself with the nickname, ‘American’s Finest City'; clearly, San Diego may not be the most humble of cities, but it’s a great dog destination, nevertheless. Without a doubt, the coolest place in San Diego to travel to with your canine is The Original Dog Beach. This place is awesome! As the name suggests, The Original Dog Beach is a stretch of beautiful white, sandy beach where dogs are able to work on their tans, splash in the ocean or just sniff each other in uncomfortable positions. It’s a can’t-miss stop.

If you find yourself in SD looking to burn off the calories your 12th burrito blessed you with, take your dog over to ‘SUP PUPS’ for some stand-up-paddleboarding. SUP PUPS actually allows your dog to come out on the water with you – a rare opportunity that you and your mutt will remember forever.

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico
Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Santa Fe is a fantastic city, and your dog will think so, too. My four-legged friend happens to be very well-cultured, and as such his favorite attraction in ‘The City Different’ is a trip to the Andrew Smith Gallery. This place is great! The employees of the gallery are top notch, and their Ansel Adams collection is tough to beat.

If Ol’ Ansel doesn’t excite you, then wander over to the Nedra Matteucci Galleries. Your dog won’t be allowed in all sections of this abode de arte, but he is welcome to check out their fantastic sculpture gardens.

If your hound is a bit more of a philistine, well, the world needs ditch diggers, too. Kidding, but if your dog can’t appreciate the strong underlying compositional order of well-balanced photography, then you may want to spend most of your time in Santa Fe at the Frank Ortiz Dog Park. There are a ton of cool trails to get lost on.

Traveling with your dog can be more difficult than it should be. Do yourself a favor, and check out these three great cities to travel to with your dog.

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