Unlock Mexico’s Ancient History: An Autumnal Equinox Vacation

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Some of the world’s greatest civilizations paid careful attention to the shifting seasons and even built monuments to celebrate them. The Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá are famous for the spectacle of shadow and light at the spring and autumn equinoxes. Bring your family to the Yucatan to see this amazing ancient architecture brought to life.

Kukulkan, the snake of light, dances his way down the steps of the El Castillo pyramid.

At the base of the steps is a carved stone snake head. This carefully constructed astral phenomenon can be seen best on the equinoxes, but is still visible for the days directly preceding and after the equinoxes. The snake body is made up of 7 isosceles triangles that seem to “dance” down the stair case, headed toward the sacrificial well nearby.

The site at Chichén Itzá is six square miles of national park ruins. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that welcomes thousands of visitors year round. The port cities around the Yucatan are also extremely welcoming to visitors year round. Check out the clear waters and rustic charm of Telchac Puerto, a gorgeous fishing village that is also a great vacation destination near the ruins.

This villa is a fabulous vacation home that showcases the best of living like the locals. Cool tile floors and vibrant colors are reminiscent of Spanish Colonial design. It’s an authentic immersion into the Yucatan experience. Plus, you’ll have all the amenities of city living: king sized beds, a private pool, and an ocean view balcony.

The villa is perfectly place by the water. You’ll have full access to miles of white sand beaches that remain untouched. Just the clear water and miles and miles of stunning views. So much of the natural world is left in tact, you’ll be able to enjoy the wildlife. Dolphins, flamingos, and throngs pf exotic sea life are just waiting for you to snap that perfect picture.

The villa has sleeping space for 6 and everything your family needs to nest. The kitchen and baths are western-style. The home includes a full refrigerator, so take advantage of the fresh fish and amazing produce in town. For another layer of adventure, charter a fishing boat and catch your own!

Charter a boat!


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