Las Vegas Vacation Home: Boys’ Weekend Escape or Girly Getaway?

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The hubs is going on a bachelor party weekend before a friend gets hitched in Chicago this October.

I can only hope that A)He’s going to pull all the $1s and $5s from his own secret stash and not our joint account or credit cards at 4 o’clock in the morning and B)No one tells me what the boys get into. I don’t want to know.

I heard the word Vegas tossed around initially so the cool (er, controlling) wife in me decided to poke around on this site for ideas. Shoot, maybe if the guys don’t go, I’ll book a weekend away to this Spanish-style vacation home for me and my girls.

But first, gentlemen, the good stuff.

  • It’s five minutes to the Strip. In fact, you can see the neon playground behind the house.
  • Check out that 82″-inch DLP HDTV. It can read Blu-Ray movies, not that you’ll be, ahem, watching movies over the weekend. (And just in case, a second 55″ TV is downstairs for the fellas who can’t choose between “Goodfellas” and “Godfather II.”)
  • For those nights you want to just chill in the backyard with beers and burgers, the grill and pool have your names on it. There’s even an outdoor shower and hot tub.
  • If the mancation happens to include some golf outings, there’s acres of space to store your gear – either in the two-car garage or one of many rooms.
  • The joint has 11 beds, one for your fraternity brother, brother-in-law, bookie and all those new “guy friends” you’ll be doing shots with at the Palms. All told, 20 guests can crash at the house.

Ladies, somehow the home’s proximity to a police station hasn’t detracted from its popularity. “The Great villa has overnight become our hottest, most on demand property,” according to the listing. That should give you some peace of mind, right? A little 5-0 nearby means your betrothed will have to abide by the law.

Or so we can hope.

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One Response to Las Vegas Vacation Home: Boys’ Weekend Escape or Girly Getaway?

  1. Harry Fassett says:

    That is such a cool looking house. If I could throw a crew together I would definitely stay there

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