Vacation Home Owners: Sell Spontaneity for New Year’s Eve

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These days, spontaneity is a tough idea to swallow. Questions race through your mind. Can I really afford it? Do I really need it?

For vacation home owners, the proposition of leisure is an even bigger challenge to sell, but it can be done. People will still plan their getaways–they just may abbreviate them.

New Year’s Eve is the one occasion to embrace the surprises a getaway may bring. Property owners, time to come up with some real incentives for travelers to pack up and go even if it’s just for a staycation. Throw together a package for the Last-Minute Deals section of this site to garner more exposure. If your vacation condo is already sensibly priced, even better.

Whether it’s a chill long weekend at a beach rental or splashy house party with friends in a ski vacation townhome, give people a reason to look forward to 2009.

Renters, these three cities live up to their reputations for knowing how to throw a bash:

1. Miami Beach vacation apartment
South Beach is the playboy’s (and playgirl’s) paradise, notorious for bottle service, world-class DJs and hard bodies. That’s all nice and all, but maybe your budget can sustain only one night of high-end boozing, which is fine by you because this affordable condo is hardly cramping your style. With a super chic master bedroom with windows opening to tropical greenery, funky artwork and an additional futon for two more guests, the apartment satisfies the needs of travelers who don’t want (or need) the expense of a Delano room on their credit card bills.

2. New Orleans vacation condo
Come Mardi Gras, wallflowers turn into one-woman peepshows. Clearly, there’s a sizzle in this city that coaxes people out of their comfort zone–and out of their clothes. Curious if that same spirit is present on New Year’s Eve? Rent this New Orleans vacation condo located in the Warehouse District, what the owner describes as a “great place to stay without the noise of the French Quarter or worries about crime.” The modern space has exposed brick walls, 16-foot ceilings and a fun loft area reachable by ladder. Just don’t climb up there after a night of alcohol.

3. Tampa vacation condo
Gotcha. You figured on at least one mention of Vegas. Wrong. This no-frills Gulf Coast vacation apartment–situated in South Tampa, what locals consider the best place to live in the city–is close to restaurants and nightlife. Take a cab to Ybor City, where you’re just as likely to run into a Goth kid decked out in leather cuffs and a fishnet shirt as a bodacious babe who knows the moves to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Or drink local at MacDinton’s, an Irish pub that is anti-obnoxious party scene (Read=No guys in shiny shirts.) for the holiday. Ask for Aileen. Tell her Val sent you.

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