Vacation Home Radar: 5 Funny User Reviews

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Like it or not, we live in a world driven by user reviews, a place where everyone’s a critic. From toys to cookware to vacation homes, consumers always have something to say.

Under those star ratings are nuggets of information that will help users determine where to spend their money. Sometimes the reviews are informative and positive, others humorous and brewing with revenge. As vacation home owners, you have the power to position your listing in a great light by encouraging past renters to share their experiences online. On the other side, former renters are doing future customers a service by providing insider tidbits to arm folks with more knowledge make an informed decision.

Look closely and you’ll be glad for previous customers who had the courtesy to make their reviews public:

1. Kissimmee vacation townhouse
“Just be sure to buy toilet paper and paper towels, we had to make a quick run to the store for those handy-dandy items. Overall, we enjoyed our stay at the home, it was very comfortable and felt like a home away from home.” A vacation without those essential paper products is no time to relax at all.

2. Puerto Rico vacation villa
“These units provided a safe, perfect setting location for my 15 kids and grandkids to celebrate my wife and I’s 50th wedding anniversary.” Props to this man for bringing 15 kids and grandkids on vacation in the first place … and all the way to Puerto Rico.

3. Park City vacation chalet
“But the best part for me was the fact that the master bedroom was far enough away from the family room that the noise of four boys never bothered us once!” A parent’s wish granted: Peace and quiet.

4. Big Island vacation rental
“One last note: the grounds of the complex were so quiet and peaceful. The pool was always relaxing. The exercise room was always available. No crowds to fight here. In contrast, on the day we went to the Hilton Waikoloa Village for our little girl to swim with the dolphins, we couldn’t believe how hectic and noisy and crowded it was. We were so happy to get back to our peaceful paradise. So many of those resorts are like zoos (We referred to the Hilton as the ‘Hell-ton’).” Hell-ton, that’s a good one.

5. Manhattan vacation rental
“It was pleasure to stay in Jonathan’s apartment! Very good location, near the center of Manhattan, about only 15 minutes by bus. The apartment was very clean and nice and there was a clean shower available. We enjoyed staying with Jonathan who is a great and handsome (ladies!!) host and very friendly! :)” Nope, it certainly doesn’t hurt when your host is hot.

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  1. Hawaii Homes says:

    This is a great insight. Bravo to those brave enough to post their Big Island vacation review. :)

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