Vacation Home Rentals With the 4th Night Free

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America, who says extended weekends have to end with Labor Day? Sure, it’s the unofficial close of summer, but I predict a surge in popularity for quickie trips: three days, four days, short enough not to sacrifice too much time off work or out of your wallet, but long enough to feel like you’ve gotten away.

Property owners, consider giving potential renters an excuse to be spontaneous with specials similar to this Tennessee vacation home, which is offering Labor Day weekend with a fourth night free. Those, for lack of a better word, “coupons,” will entice vacationers to visit your property even when plans were just in the maybe stage, not in the middle of a full-fledged, monthslong process.

People who seek out vacation homes will take their time looking anyway. Why not dangle them a carrot with an extra night on‘s last-minute deals page? In low seasons, that simple deal could work to your advantage. Sweethearts who stay four nights might have such a good time that they decide to stay longer. They in turn rave to their neighbors about the added value and make plans to do more short-term trips more often.

What do you, the owner, get? Happy clientele and word-of-mouth branding, which is the best kind of PR in the world.

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