Vacations from Outer Space

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Romantic, family friendly, nature loving, and educational. If any of those are your requirements for a fall family vacation, check out these extraterrestrial vacation ideas. There’s a down-to-earth vacation rental home with out-of-this-world potential that’s sized just right for your stellar crew.

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis, a natural phenomenon referred to as the Northern Lights, is caused by solar winds flinging charged particles at the Earth’s atmosphere. Multi-colored lights seem to dance across the night sky. This artistic gift from space has been explained in supernatural terms for ages. While touring Alaska, take time to learn about Native American mythology surrounding this event.

Head up to Big Lake for a real slice of luxury living while enjoying the Northern Lights. This vacation chalet is made for families, that is, many families all at once. Have an outer space adventure for the winter holidays. With 11 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and sleeping space for 22 guests, call the cousins and trim your tree in Alaska.

The view of Mt. McKinley will definitely inspire you.  Local tour guides can take you on snow-shoe expeditions, snow mobile races, or snow skiing in some of the deepest natural powder the US has to offer. When you make it back to the chalet, check out some of the great amenities designed to warm you up. A full kitchen plus a kitchenette will give you plenty of space to keep snacks coming for the kids. Fill up your thermos with home-made hot cocoa before venturing out to see the Northern Lights.

Total Lunar Eclipse

There is only one full lunar eclipse left for 2011. The moon will go dark in the Earth’s shadow on December 10th. You’ll be able to enjoy the full view if you’re already up in Alaska for the Northern Lights. If you like your space weather served up with warmer Earth weather, head to Australia for prime viewing. The event will last just over 50 minutes, making it perfect for capturing photos but not too long that small children grow restless.

This 3 bed, 2 bath villa on the beach is just what you’re looking for. If you love full moon beach parties, a full lunar eclipse celebration will be even better. The villa is designed and decorated with South Pacific Colonial charm. A garden tub in the master suite, ocean view balcony, and state of the art full kitchen are just some of the special touches that make this vacation villa worthy of a special trip.

Night swimming

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