Vancouver Vacation Rentals for the Winter Olympics

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The Olympic cauldron lights up on Feb. 12, 2010, which leaves very little time for those of you procrastinators attending the games to secure housing.

And while you may have been lucky in the past to strike a last-minute deal, waiting too long could mean that family from Sweden laps you in the reservation line. The good thing is, perhaps that family hasn’t thought of Vancouver vacation rentals.

Traditionalists will opt for hotels, but savvy travelers seeking more space for their Canadian dollar will turn to Canada vacation homes to take advantage of cozy comforts like full kitchens, toys, hot tubs and access to off-the-radar neighborhoods. And while most hotel concierges will likely be bombarded with requests from the myriad of global travelers attending the games, you as a vacation home renter will have a distinct advantage in being able to contact the owner of your property for one-on-one recommendations on where to eat, drink and play before you arrive in February.

A spin around the Winter Olympics site focuses–naturally–on the sports side of the games, but for visitors, there’s little about accommodations. That’s where comes in. Our site posts 16 listings in the Vancouver area.

Do any of you previous Olympics travelers have any insights on how visitors can maximize their games? What about you Vancouver folks? Do tell on Twitter @checkincheckout.

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