Vegas Vacation Rental: A Palace for a Prince

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The name of this Las Vegas vacation home fits the experience: Prince Palace.

The almost 3,000-square-foot rental by owner avoids the gaudy cliches one would associate with that city–the only traces of such excess are the stone cherubs that keep watch over the in-ground pool (which adds more character than anything).

Inside find a space decorated in neutral colors and elegant finishes. The property owner’s external link shows rooms done in rich bedding, leather and microfiber seating and granite counter tops in the gourmet kitchen.

Notice that the walls don’t have too much personalization (i.e. family photos)–making guests feel more like it’s their own private villa–yet the ample lounging space keeps folks comfortable. Each room is its own distinctive retreat, from the spa tub in the master bathroom to the patio near the fire pit.

Sure, it isn’t a home built for a king, but for princes and princesses, it will do just fine.

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  1. A beautiful spot where each traveler would love to stay atleast once in lifetime. Going for a vacation is to enjoy, hence afford places with maximum comfort to accommodate your needs.

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