Vermont Vacation Rentals: Country Inn Edition

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The last time you spent the night in a canopy bed was 1983 when you  were 7-years-old, Atari was your game of choice and a Cabbage patch doll your best friend.

Fast forward 27 years, and you’ve replaced that Atari with an iPad and the doll with a little girl named Maggie.

While life has moved on, it’s nice to know that you can still escape to a place with dollhouse charm and sleep in a canopy bed. We’ve said it time and again: We go on vacation to live out our fantasies, whether it’s revisiting nostalgia or transporting ourselves to a far away destination that is nothing like our daily lives.

Consider the Vermont vacation rentals pictured to do just that.

The Inn at Buck Hollow Farm is sprawled out on 400 acres near Burlington, Vt. The 1790s estate remains true to its period features, including a sugar house still used for maple syrup production, queen-sized canopy beds and antique-filled rooms. Most of the original beams in the carriage house have been left exposed, furthering the rustic feel of this town of horse-drawn carriages and migrating geese.

Scroll through the property gallery and find two curious, yet heartwarming photos: Utah and Gizmo, the property owners’ dogs (to encourage renters to bring their pets) and a couple testing out the hot tub after snowfall. The amenity is open year-round.

We’ve heard of snowbirds fleeing South for the winter, but what do you call their Northern counterparts? Unflappable, for one. We’d love to hear your other ideas on Twitter @checkincheckout.

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