Washington Vacation Rentals for City-Country Folk

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When it comes to traveling, not all of us enjoy challenging each other to three hours of board games by the fire. By the same token, some folks shudder at the thought of trolling the pavement, city lights and noise.

And yet there’s one more group to which I belong: the kind who likes a bit of both city and country.

Seattle captures that experience perfectly.

To someone who’s never visited, the city’s picturesque cabins cascaded by lush greenery and peaceful marine life may cloak its decidedly contemporary vibe, but it’s there. A strong public transit system and compact downtown mean that an urbanite’s creature comforts are never too far away.

When you’re not staying in a Washington vacation rental (like the one above), you could be sipping Fair Trade coffee at multiple independent coffeehouses, exploring funky boutiques, chilling out in low-key wine bars and lounges and pulling the camera out at can’t-miss tourist spots, like the Washington Arboretum and Pike Place Market, where you can not only see a three-foot salmon being hurled from one fishmonger to the other, but also taste some of the best doughnuts in the world, according to a colleague who took a trip there recently.

And when the touring gets old, retire to the vacation home for a good, old-fashioned barbecue on the deck. Just pray for sun.

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