We Have A Winner!

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Thank you so much to everyone who opened up and shared their stories for the “Our Vacation Home is Your Vacation Home Giveaway“. We had over 1,400 comments and every one of them made us smile, laugh, or tear up a little, but there could only be one lucky winner! And the winner is…


Evonne W. of Crookston, Minnesota! Evonne and her family will be spending a week in our CEO’s vacation rental! Tom is excited to share his vacation home and hopes that Evonne can make great family memories just as he has made with his family.

Take a look at her comment:

“I would love to win the vacation home for a week to spend with my children; their spouses; and grandchildren!! It has been a hectic year – daughter’s wedding; they moved away 4 days after their wedding; I’ve had cancer and treatment; daughter is pregnant and having complications; and now her husband is set to deploy in October just 11 days before their first child is born. It would be great to have us together for a week to create memories for all.”


Leave a comment and wish Evonne and her family a fantastic vacation!


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One Response to We Have A Winner!

  1. Doreen Clark says:

    Congragulations Evonne on winning the vacation. May you and your family have a
    wonderful time !!! Bless you all…

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