Wednesday $100 Giveaway: What’s The Best Beach Activity?

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Everyone loves different things about the beach! My favorite part of the beach is riding the waves and reading a good book in the sand. What’s your favorite thing about the beach?

Tell us your favorite beach activity and you could win $100. Just comment below with your thoughts! Next week, one lucky winner will be randomly selected.


Update: Congrats to Amanda B. She was last week’s giveaway winner. Her comment, “Looking for treasure in the sand. :)” was randomly selected and just won her $100!

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234 Responses to Wednesday $100 Giveaway: What’s The Best Beach Activity?

  1. Wendy Kroy says:

    Just being on the beach is activity enough as far as I am concerned.

  2. Cass M says:

    I like to read on the beach with a big umbrella for shade.

  3. Murgulet Marian says:

    My favourite activity on the beach is lying on the beach in the warm light of the sun.

  4. Jason B says:

    Standing in the sand as the waves come in feeling like I’m moving and collecting seashells.

  5. nicole b says:

    I remember digging my toes into the sand and sitting in the water and letting the waves knock me over when I was younger

  6. Mr Thomas Ticknor says:

    my favorite activity is walking along the beach on the nice warm sand and splashing in the water too.

  7. Laurel Simmons says:

    Relaxing with a great book and a good drink. :)

  8. Stephanie DeMora says:

    Relaxing in the warm sand!!!

  9. Jesi Langdale-Anderson says:

    My favourite thing to do on the beach here in Washington state is to build a bonfire and enjoy the large crashing waves! Overnight camping is a must as well!

  10. Kandace says:

    Surfing! I am no pro but I have a great time!

  11. Lorhee says:

    Surfing!!! and collecting sea shells and making sand castles!!!

  12. My fav activity is sunbathing, reading a magazine and just relax:)

  13. shawna devine says:

    playing with my kids1

  14. Alyssa says:


  15. Amy Orvin says:

    I Like swimming, and walking around looking for porpoises. They are so beautiful.

  16. kara says:


  17. Brittany Poole says:

    Beach Volleyball!

  18. Amanda B. says:

    Looking for treasure in the sand. :)

  19. tam childers says:

    love playing cricket on the beach.

  20. shanmcbeth says:

    I love body surfing in the ocean.

  21. kasie says:

    Wading in the surf is my favorite!

  22. Nancy Castro says:

    My best activity in the beach is swim and snorking with my children to see the fish in it.

  23. Carolyn says:

    Finding the different sea shells and watching the sunrises and sunsets!

  24. Shelly says:

    Just walking and exploring.

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