Wednesday $100 Giveaway: Where Would you Rather Stay?

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Would you rather stay in New York City or New York State? Comment below with where you would rather stay for a chance to win $100!

Need examples? Check out this New York City apartment and this home in the CatskillsNext week, one lucky winner will be randomly selected. Good luck!


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239 Responses to Wednesday $100 Giveaway: Where Would you Rather Stay?

  1. shawna devine says:

    I love NYC…and my kids have never been there so definately the CITY!

  2. Josalyn says:

    New York City without a doubt!

  3. Stacey B says:

    New York City – my Dad is from there, and I just love it there. It’s so busy, and unique. I like the city living experience!

  4. NY State! The Catskills, definitely

  5. Sue Barney says:

    Catskills :)

  6. Kimberly L. says:

    New York City!

  7. vicki lorenz says:

    I’m originally from NY State. I would pick NY State because there is so much to offer!

  8. Wienna says:

    State! City is too busy for my taste, and I live to have a lot of room for myself! :)

  9. kristina G. says:

    NYC baby!! :)

  10. Barb says:

    Having had the prividlege of staying on Central Park South and visiting many NYC places w/friends and also staying in upstate NY, I’d rather go to the Catskills where I have never been. Especially in the fall w/ all the leave turning!

  11. Eric says:

    NY city all the way!

  12. Mariam says:

    At my age, I see myself living peacefully anywhere but NY city.

  13. Wade says:

    Personally, I would not pick New York city because unless you are rich, people lack space and the cost of living is outrageous.

  14. Linda says:

    I would pick NY city because I love the city and all it has to offer. Thanks

  15. Doris says:

    I would rather stay in NY state because the city is too much for me.

  16. Eileen says:

    Catskills…looks so relaxing!

  17. Sandra Salas says:

    New York State to live, New York City to visit

  18. Heather says:

    I would rather stay in New York City.

  19. Patty Evans says:

    I would rather stay in the Catskills – looks fantastic!!

  20. marilyn says:

    new york city without a doubt..all those shows, and stores and museums…

  21. Kathryn Mackey says:

    I would rather stay in New YOrk city becasue it is a city that never sleeps.

  22. Cassandra says:

    New York City

  23. Peter Dale says:

    New York State

  24. Eustacia Miliusis says:

    New York City

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