Wednesday $100 Giveaway: Who Would You Bring on Vacation?

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If you could bring anyone on vacation who would it be? Your dog or your best friend… or both?


Tell us who you would bring on your next vacation and you could win $100. To enter, just comment below! A winner will be randomly selected next week! 

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175 Responses to Wednesday $100 Giveaway: Who Would You Bring on Vacation?

  1. Corinne Amundsen says:

    My husband and our dog.

  2. mar says:

    i would take my wonderful husband. he has always been there for me. he is very special person

  3. JohnJohnny says:

    This summer I Planned to visit vacation home rentals with my family.

  4. Pierrette says:

    We’ve made it a tradition to take our grandchildren to Orlando every year, so it’s Kendall’s turn!

  5. Pierrette says:

    We’ve been making a tradition of taking our grandchildren to Orlando every year, so it’s Kendall’s turn. She’s never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

  6. Annette Payne says:

    i would bring my son Jon. He recently moved in with his dad and i don’t get to see enough of his sweet face! I’d definitely bring him! :)

  7. marla says:

    i would loved to win a free vacation, to relax and have some time with my family. thank you & god bless!!!!!

  8. ILEANA ELVIR says:

    I’ll bring my sisters

  9. mark burke says:

    as always i would bring my lovely wife and my kids i love family time while on vacation

  10. Leslie Franklin says:

    I would bring my friend Cyn, who took care of me when i was ill, through support, meals, and loving care!

  11. Christie Gallaway says:

    I would bring my hubby and 3 kids. It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

  12. Cheryl says:

    My best girlfriend and running mate-my Golden Retriever!

  13. Michelle Garza says:

    I would take my mother and grandmother as she is ill. A vacation would take their mind off of things and maybe they can relax for once.

  14. Betty Baez says:

    My hubby with three little ones that keep us busy we rarely get any time to ourselves

  15. Wade says:

    Hey! Thanks for the chance. I would invite my wife for sure!

  16. Eric says:

    Would invite my best friend!

  17. Mariam says:

    I am so glad I saw this contest! I would take my er with me to have some girl time.

  18. Leanna says:

    My husband and kids!! We always have a great time!!

  19. Linda says:

    I think I will bring my best friend who lives in another state and we have not seen each other for a few years now. Would be nice to hang out like we used to and catch up care free!

  20. Doris says:

    My dear husband. We have never had a honeymoon and after 4 years with 2 little ones, we need a break for just the two of us!Thanks for the chance!

  21. ANGEL JACKLYN says:

    My mom- after 26 years putting up with me, she soooooo deserves to go.

  22. Deanna G. says:

    My best friend! :)

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