Why It’s Good to Have a Hot Tub

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A lot of vacation homes out there boast about their hot tubs. Is a hot tub really something to boast about? Unequivocally: YES! Here are the top “must-have-a-hot-tub” vacations and some great examples of where to find them.

Retreat into the Woods Hot Tub

What kind of vacationer likes the mountaintop forest retreat? Hikers of course! After plodding up, over, and through the wild terrain with a heavy pack of spring water and granola bars, chances are, you’ll have tired, achy muscles. Serious outdoor enthusiasts might cover 15+ miles in a days worth of trail running. Now, don’t you deserve a soak after all that cardio? Of course you do!

Head to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a hiking and hot tub experience that will make you feel like the king of the forest. This chalet is perfectly set up for full mountain enjoyment. The cozy interior and perfect hiker location are definite pluses. But it’s the view from the hot tub that changes everything.

Soak and enjoy the valley view

Sitting By the Beach Hot Tub

Romance is alive in the water! From honeymoons to 25th wedding anniversaries, warm bubbly water by the big salty pond is a staple for the romantic getaway for 2. Throw in cool bubbly champagne and maybe a box of chocolates for instant enchantment.

North Topsail Beach has what you’re looking for. This home is decked out with all the luxury amenities you could want plus a perfect ocean-side hot tub. You’ll have enough space to bring the kids or a few other couples. Flat screens, feather beds, and an espresso machine are all dazzling. Check out the warm bubbly view!

Beachfront romance served nightly

Artist’s Escape Hot Tub

Want to write that novel you’ve been thinking about? Maybe enter a poetry contest? After grueling hours hovering over tablets or a laptop, relax the back in hot water. It’s artistic to soak while your sip. Grab a bottle of white wine, wrap it in cool wet newspaper, and feel like a character straight out of a Hemingway story.

This luxury retreat in Sandpoint, Idaho has more than you could ask for and all the quiet you need to concentrate on the task at hand. If you’re traveling with the family, there is plenty of great outdoor fun to keep them busy while you work. You’ll be immersed in nature, so go ahead and channel Thoreau or Whitman.

Check out nature while you relax

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