Williamsburg Vacation Rentals: Fresh Fall Escapes

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Some of us are still in the iffy weather period, with summer lingering just a little bit longer with gorgeous 70-degree temps. For kids, it’s a cruel joke, Mother Nature’s way of taunting, “Haha, you have to be in school.”

But the rugrats don’t have to miss out if you can squeeze in a weekend trip; it’s a lovely time to plan a fall getaway to a Virginia vacation home.

Take Interstate 64 to Colonial Williamsburg, where the falling leaves lend to a timeless backdrop for 18th century America. The men don patriot hats and wigs, while the women wear petticoats, and the buildings transport visitors to the American Revolution era right down to the Governor’s Palace. You’ll hear how African-American slaves endured plantation life and gain a new appreciation of tradesmen and women and their tools, from the blacksmith’s iron to the weaver’s spool.

Nowadays, it’s a misguided notion that working with one’s hands is the job of “menial” laborers, but these were clever, skilled artisans who sweat over dirt and fire to create the cotton that would be turned into quilts, the wax that would become candlesticks and the metal that would be fashioned into tomahawks.

If there’s shame in learning a skill for survival, you wouldn’t know that from visiting here.

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