Wisconsin Dells Vacation Home Wonderland

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As a parent, I’ve learned many things. Among them: 1) Bring a change of clothes. You never know when the bladder (or stomach) will fail. 2)Nothing makes a kid happier than Chuck E. Cheese. 3)When Chuck E. Cheese isn’t nearby, the promise of an amusement park works, too.

Count the Wisconsin Dells–the so-called water park capital of the universe–on the list of tot-approved distractions.

I’d never heard of the Dells until I moved to Chicago seven years ago, and since then, friends haven’t stopped raving about it. “I couldn’t get my son to leave the indoor water parks,” one pal said, while another couldn’t get over the fact that “it feels like you’re stepping back to the 50s” with its numerous lodge accommodations and deluge of families.

Combined with affordable Wisconsin Dells vacation rentals, the getaway should be more than on my radar. It should be this year’s summer vacation. The two-bedroom, one-bath cottage above is just $349-$699 a week, depending on the time of year.

The Dells counts more than 20 indoor and outdoor water parks in its repertoire, plus golf and ski options and the nearby Wollersheim Winery for mom and dad.

Hey, nobody said you have to play all day in the pool.

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