Wisconsin Dells Vacation Rentals: Cozy Cabins for Winter Break

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You’ve banked a few personal days that need to be cashed out before the end of the year, but not enough for a full vacation. And besides, going through the TSA screening process sounds about as appealing as a root canal.

Still, if you don’t do something meaningful with those days, you’ll somehow feel like you threw them away.

Solution: Road trip to Wisconsin Dells vacation rentals with or without the kids.

Carl’s Cabins (pictured) and other vacation homes in the area are a short drive from Chicago, and a manageable alternative to last-minute airfare to Florida. Your party will be giddy knowing what TLC went into building this log cabin whose beams and posts were culled from old barns. In fact, the bedroom door is a sliding barn door!

We bet Santa himself would be right at home here.

Parents, if you’ve lined up sitters for a weekend getaway, consider the den your own little nest in the woods. The property is surrounded by trees, boasts a stone fireplace and a coffee table fashioned by the owner for resting your glass of Pinot Noir.

And if the kids are tagging along, not to worry–the Wisconsin Dells, the watery winter wonderland, are only 25 minutes away. The kids will definitely appreciate the irony of being in swim trunks while the salt trucks are hard at work on snowy roads.

So on Dasher, on Dancer, get thee to the Dells before those PTO days burn out.

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