Wishing you a Coastal Weekend

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I never saw or read Nights in Rodanthe, but I heard it was sad, which I find hard to believe if any of it took place on this beach. Doesn’t that rocky coastline with the kites flying overhead look like the perfect place to bring a chair, an umbrella, and a good book? This rental in Rodanthe, North Carolina has an amazing open floor plan and huge windows with a view of the ocean! Would you like to spend a few nights (and days) in Rodanthe?

Oh, and take a look at these links to inspire your weekend:


Cute way to hang up your keys.

Starfish bracelet.

Angular house!

Which side are you on? Mirror, Mirror vs. Snow White and the Huntsman.

Grilled Watermelon!

Great view from Panhandle rental.

Simple bathing suit guide.


What’s inspiring your weekend?


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