Wishing you a Sunny Weekend

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It’s finally getting to be weather I approve of. Yesterday was in the mid-60s. Warmer weather gets me thinking of Florida… of course. Wouldn’t you love to retreat from the hot St. Augustine sun on this shady porch! I hope this weekend is sunny and warm so it won’t be so hard to imagine. Take a look at these links to inspire your weekend:


Simple juice recipe.

A Yurt in NY.

Clever car music video.

Lights to decorate with.

Quote on reading.

Creative braid tutorial.

Homemade popsicles.

Adorable Palm Springs Home.


What’s inspiring your weekend?



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One Response to Wishing you a Sunny Weekend

  1. Fulty says:

    That is a beautiful picture. Sitting here looking out my window I see snow that is 2 to 3 feet high! It’s warming up today though! its starting to melt. I would still rather be on that deck looking out on the ocean though….

    Nice picture

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