Would you Rather Drive or Fly?

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How do you get to your vacation spot? Drive or fly? It’s amazing the different experiences you can have depending on how you choose to travel. So, which way would you rather travel: plane or car?

Flying is fast and lets you enjoy your vacation ASAP. If you buy your tickets six weeks in advance you can often get the cheapest fares. My favorite part of flying is when you are right over your destination and you get a totally different look at the place you will be spending your vacation. Don’t you wish you were on that plane going to the Florida Keys:


I have to admit I love a good road trip, but I do have a cut off for how long I am willing to drive. If it is more than a eight hour drive I am not interested. There is something great about taking the car to your vacation spot. It builds up the suspense and excitement. Added bonus, in the car no flight attendant is going to shush your family sing-a-longs. Doesn’t this seem like the perfect Maine cabin to drive up to:

Where do you stand on the grand travel debate? Would you rather drive or fly? Got any funny driving or flying stories? (If you share yours I will share mine!)


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2 Responses to Would you Rather Drive or Fly?

  1. I, myself, love to drive, going on road trips but however I do prefer flying because it cuts the traveling time and more time for to enjoy my vacation and the vacation rentals I usually stayed at.
    I few over the Florida Keyes one time and the bird’s eye view you get it, is simply amazing!

  2. I always prefer driving, than to flying if I can manage upon the time factor. It sets me in the mood of vacation instantly as I can do whatever I want. I can take breaks, stop for sightseeing anywhere and eat at local joints. And if you are talking about a funny story, I once took a road trip with my friends from Indiana to Ohio but actually we ended up in Cleveland. It’s a crazy story but that’s the fun of road trips and driving. You can change plans and go anywhere you want.

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