Would You Rather: Lake or Ocean?

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Would you rather spend some quality vacation time at the lake or by the ocean?

I was talking with a friend this weekend and she told me in a hushed voice, “I hate the beach.” I could only respond with a loud “What?!”. I felt the beach and I had been betrayed. I was envisioning myself laying on the sand of New Smyrna Beach. How is that not the best possible option?

She explained her issues with the beach in a quick list, “I always get burned. I hate the feeling of dried salt on my skin. Sand gets everywhere.” In an effort to redeem herself she said that she loved lakes.

I don’t agree with her when it comes to the ocean, but I do have to admit I do love a good lake, like this one in Wayne, Maine. It looks so fresh and open.


So where do you stand? Would you rather be at the lake or the ocean? Which do you think is better for a family vacation?


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7 Responses to Would You Rather: Lake or Ocean?

  1. Patricia A. Broderick says:

    I like a lake for family vacation and I like the ocean for surfing for the day especially if it is at low tide coming in.

    • Kendra says:

      I think family vacations on the lake are perfect, Patricia. Plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.

  2. Jeanie Royce says:

    I love the beach!! Going there on vacation in 3 weeks. can`t wait!!

  3. sandy neer says:

    Love the ocean.

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