Your Family Abroad: Ecuador

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Tell your children it’s time to put those Spanish lessons to good use and pack up for the beach. Ecuador is a great summer destination for families looking for both culture and indulgence.  From the highlands to the islands, there is plenty to see and do without straying too far from your charming vacation home.  Here are some top travel tips for planning your family vacation to the land on the equator.

Stay Beachfront
One of the common travel worries when heading abroad is finding accommodations that are up to western standards. The white sand beaches of Ecuador attract plenty of European and North American tourists alike, so you’ll be in good company. There are ample beach vacation homes that come equipped with western style kitchens and baths to make your stay away from home as cozy as possible. This 4 bed 3.5 bath home on the beach in Olon is perfect for your whole family.

It is located inside an exclusive gated community with 24/7 staff available. It’s all the convenience of a resort with all the privacy of your own home.

Plan a day trip
Since Ecuador is a small country, getting off the beaten path is just a short journey by car or bus to a day adventure in the highlands. Highland markets offer a tremendous selection of handmade goods like textiles and hats. In fact, the popular Panama Hat is actually a style born in Ecuador. Grab yourself an authentic cap to bring back to enjoy on the beach outside your vacation home.

Eat Fresh
Local restaurants catering to tourists are easy to spot. Most have English speaking wait staff and offer specials of fresh caught sea food. Fish and produce markets are a fun place to buy food to whip up yourself back at your beach house. Ecuador exports about 4.5 million tons of bananas every year. Get your hands on some fresh fruit from a beach vendor.

Surf’s Up
Montanita is the surf capitol of Ecuador, so be prepared to get on board. Plenty of surf shops offer lessons and board rentals if you’re new to the game. With perfect waves, you won’t want to miss the opportunity, even if it’s just to try something new.

Learn Something
The Galápagos Islands, made famous by Charles Darwin’s biological investigations there, are home to a fabulous national park and marine biological preserve. Take an eco-tour and check out the turtles and other infamous species that call this archipelago home.

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