Your Journey to San Francisco Vacation Rentals

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You’re a locavore.

The last time you ate at Applebees was 1992, and only against your will. Your dad loved the fajitas.

The big-box stores? No thank you. You prefer filling your closet with one-of-a-kind pieces from boutiques stocked with indie designers.

Why buy the coat that everyone and their sister owns, right?

We get it, and to that, we say, take yourself on a trip to San Francisco.

If L.A. is the capital of rock ‘n roll, then San Francisco is its cooler big sister, rocking the black-rimmed frames, pixie cut and thrifted denim jacket adorned with pins and patches. Like the local hipsters who don old-man Oxfords with ease, the city doesn’t have to try too hard to promote its appeal. It’s not a carbon copy of Mainstreet U.S.A.It’s exciting, walkable and sugar for the eyes.

For those reasons, visitors find it a goldmine.

Towering with style, San Francisco vacation rentals blend old-world charm with modern living. Set in the same neighborhood as the famous Painted Ladies seen in hundreds of movies and TV shows, the property pictured stands elegantly in olive paint and period deets like the double parlor and signature circular turret, or “witches turret.”

For a singles getaway or fall family vacation (i.e. the freebie days in November for Veteran’s Day and the day after), the house awaits, covering 2,600-square feet of space. Two levels brim with historical treats, from clawfoot bathtubs to built-in hutches.

Out front, there’s a bus stop for easy transport as well as a dog park nearby, and guests can stroll to Hayes Valley to pick up vintage finds and designer duds.

Strolling down the steep streets, you have to wonder what the Victorians would think of you in your jeggings and 90s-inspired vest. Take a snapshot–preferably in front of the Painted Ladies. There’s your Twitpic.

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