Your own Desert Oasis: A Palm Springs Vacation Home

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With budgets tighter for splashy vacations, let’s make a prediction: 2009 will be the year of long weekends.

Folks won’t abandon their plans–they’ll just cut their trips shorter.

For Southern Californians, a two-hour drive into the oasis that is Palm Springs is time well spent if the final destination is a vacation home like this retro rental by owner. Bring your best guide to classic cocktails and don your favorite Buddy Holly glasses or Marilyn Monroe halter dresses for an escape to 1952.

Palm Springs, long-known as a desert playground to the stars, is that postcard-perfect community, thanks to its kidney-bean shaped pools, manicured backyards and mid-century aesthetic that appeals to modern hipsters.

Shoot, even “The Hills” filmed there (so it must have cred, right?). Justin Bobby and Audrina took their first official vacation as a couple at a luxe hotel.

Singles, check your calendars for long weekends that could use a little swimming, cocktailing or golfing (So that’s what President’s Day is for.). Nothing against parents, but the house looks more like a bachelor pad than family-friendly getaway.

If you can find a babysitter–thank you, grandma–more power to you.

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