Hi, I'm Brian!

I have been renting my house on Elbow Pond to vacationers since the summer of 1997. I take a great deal of pride and enjoyment in offering my renters something new each year to make their vacation experience more pleasurable, while at the same time, maintaining the grounds and house to offer a picturesque setting for your summer vacation.

My family has been on Cape Cod since 1638 and I know the Cape fairly well. I have lived and worked here at different times during my life. I chose my house because of the pond and because the location is so centrally located with easy access to every corner of the Cape, yet in a peaceful and quiet setting away from the summer crowds. I can spend several days on Elbow Pond without ever realizing the rest of the world is out there, probably stuck in a traffic jam.

I invite you to come and stay my house and experience the peace and tranquility that the house offers its visitors.

Here is my property:

Brian Penney
Brian Penney
Brian Penney
From New York, NY
Member since December, 2004
Geneseo State University
Broadway Theatrical Technician