Hi, I'm Barbara!

I am a retired school teacher who now runs a B&B and boards horses on our 40 acre plot of land. I have two dogs, one cat and six horses of my own which I don't have time to ride. I enjoy remodeling, decorating, painting and landscaping.

The best thing about our location is that it is centrally located on the island and next to the water and surrounded by vegetation, not other hotels or apartments.

I especially enjoy St. Croix because you can be outside any time of the day or night and the water is never far away and always available for snorkeling. I love watching the fish. Sort of like having an aquarium that you don't have to tend. I also love the greenery everywhere. Swaying palms to me are so, so beautiful.

Although the restaurants may not look like much from the outside, they have some of the best food in the world. They never cease to amaze. My favorite activities are sketching and snorkeling.

Here is my property:

Barbara Flanagan
Barbara Flanagan
From I live in Gardnerville, Nevada just south of Reno and Lake Tahoe
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Retired School Teacher, Currently a rancher boarding horses
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