Hi, we're Tom & Beth!

Beth is consultant that is currently working at a Rhode Island based bank. Tom works as a sales operation manager for network & technology companies. Tom and I are parents of 4 children. Megan is 30 and is married to Mike and they live north on 495. She a teacher, he's a CPA. As of this fall the three boys will be attending Manhattan College in the Bronx. My youngest is Patrick (17), Kevin (19) and Andrew (21). We also host two international high school boys from China during the school year.

This was Beth's family home where she grew up since about 10 years old and when her parents passed, we bought the house. The neighborhood still has many of the same families there that were there 45 years ago. The house was renovated a few years ago and we upgrade/complete different areas each year. As you will see we are both avid gardeners so we try to create a nice outside area as well as inside at our home. We love it all seasons, but we admit that we like the off season most so we rent in the summers to help defray costs. Once the kids are gone and we retire in about 10+ years if we are lucky, this will probabaly where we choose to go. It's a peaceful are but easy to get to shopping and many other ammenities and I love the beach air and the sound of the waves

Here is our property:

Tom & Beth Hill
Tom & Beth Hill
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