Hi, I'm David!

My wife and I own these two beautiful beach homes on Shelter Island, they were originally build by an international travel writer. The 4+ bedroom home is styled after a European Home and the second house is very Len like smaller Carribean style Cottage. They sit on adjacent properties and for intents and purposes are completely self contained and separate. As an added benefit, there is a hidden gate that can be opened and the two properties connect and become one large compound.

The houses are OUR homes, they are NOT typical rental properties, we also live there and rent to help in paying for these two beautiful beach homes. Insides is decorated tastefully, it is NOT full of cheap furniture or worn out items. We pride ourselves in their style and upkeep, we only rent to couples and families and every year update both homes, even though they are only 8 years old. Last year we installed a beautiful new kitchen update with high end appliances and high solid surface counters. If you read the descriptions, you will see other updates we have made in the last few years. We also update the cottage every year with new furniture etc. A stay at our cottage was actually given away on the Valentines special CBS the Price is Right, chosen out of the thousands of properties out east.

Our homes have some of the highest ratings in the Hamptons and on Shelter Island and as you can see from the ratings, everyone that has stayed has loved it. Please feel free to ask any questions you like and we welcome you to our homes.

Here are my properties:

David Josephson
David Josephson
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