Hi, I'm Katherine!

I am a very tired mother of 5 (just kidding!), my husband and I live in Austin, Texas where we have most of our extended family close by.
We began traveling to the beach in the summer time with our kids were a very young age, and after staying in loads of disappointing rentals I decided I wanted my own place, kept in the manner I like, where we could build memories with our family year after year. We also thought...if these other owners could run a vacation home (some not so well) then we could make ours a beautiful success and a well loved home! So, we shopped the entire Texas coastline, stayed in beach front homes as well as ones a little off the beach, taking note of what we liked about each and what we didn't. We decided on Galveston Island for several reasons, it had a little of everything- private beaches, good restaurants, medical services, shopping, entertainment and most of all, plenty of quiet places to withdraw to the peacefulness of the island to slow down and relax.
We also decided on having a home a bit off the beach as we learned we didn't enjoy the decks at all on the beach front homes- they were entirely too windy and as a result, we didn't spend any time on them, relaxing like we wanted to do.
We found our sweet Oz by the Sea, just about 100 yards off the beach, on a dead end street, in a quiet, mostly residential community filled with wonderful people that took immense pride in their clean and peaceful beach! IT WAS PERFECT FOR US!
Oz is a great place for a family to vacation at the beach; clean, comfortable home, filled with toys, books and all beach necessities that is just a one minute walk to being ON THE BEACH!

Our family takes great pride in maintaining Oz as best as we possibly can, always mindful of it's cleanliness, it's presentation, appearance and in keeping it's furnishings to a high standard of functionality, comfort and luxury.
Our favorite place in Oz is on the lanai, swinging in the hanging chair or rocking chair!

Here is my property:

Katherine VanDewater
Katherine VanDewater
From Austin, Texas
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