Hi, I'm Carole!

Who would have thought when I boarded a plane for Greece more than 20 years ago, planning on backpacking through the mountains and then heading north through then Yugoslavia I'd end up making Greece my second home?
But here I am, 20 something years later, running a fabulous Greek vacation rental business with historic homes & penthouses in Athens and traditional Cycladic homes on the island of Tinos, planning Greek travel itineraries and leading small group tours around my adopted homeland and loving the life that I am lucky enough to be living. Of course I did pick up an equally crazy, workaholic Greek husband along the way, as well as a stray Greek animal or two!

Update: End of August 2013 This year Basil and I celebrate 10 years opening our Greek vacation rentals with guests from around the world. All these years we've been hopping between Basil's home city, Athens and Carole's home city of Chicago. Time and time again guests in Greece ask us if they can stay in our Chicago home while we're in Athens so we're finally doing it - we've just completed the renovation of a fab 2 bedroom 2 bath loft in our 10,000 sq foot Lincoln Park hybrid warehouse (which in a previous life housed a bar and a dance hall, followed by a costume and magic card factory and then a photography studio where probably every Butterball turkey advertisement in the 1980s was shot the photos, not the turkeys!)

So come stay with us ... and then stay with us again. Whether we share an ouzo in Athens or a beer and a hot dog in Chicago, we know that you won't be disappointed

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Carole Kezios
Carole Kezios
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