Hi, I'm Krista!

I value family above all which is why I am so endeared to this home which my grandparents home (for half the year - they were snowbirds from Minnesota)while I grew up. I also believe that sharing great ideas is the best way to make the world better faster.

I love vacationing out in Palm Desert myself with my family when I can and my 3 year old son loves to push his dump truck around the path that surrounds the pool. Some day I'll teach him to putt like my grandparents taught me on the putting green beside the pool!

My career is about empowering girls and creating a sustainable future. I work for the Nike Foundation and we believe that the best/fastest way to end poverty is to invest in girls in poverty (keep them in school, give them access to medical care, economic assets, etc).

I like to travel and have been lucky enough to visit Canada, Ethiopia, Rwanda, London, Australia, Costa Rica, China, and Nicaragua, and several places in the United States. If anyone knows of wonderful places to visit within a few hours of Portland, please share (I moved to Portland in 2012 from San Diego, CA). Also happy to look into trading for a weekend outside of the high rental season if you've got a rental within a few hours of Portland!

Happy adventures and memories to you and yours

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Krista Poehler
Krista Poehler
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