Hi, I'm Laurinda!

Fortunate to have been living on the edgecloser and closer to the ocean every couple of years. First started coming during the summers in 1969 and gradually extending the lengths of our visits as the children and the schedules changed. In March of 2014 we will be moving to Nantucket year-roundso I must love it there. One of my daughter's has chosen to live and work on Nantucket year-round as well.
We love the beachthe openness of the sky and the vastness of it all. The colors of sunrise and sunset and the shapes of waves and clouds is humbling. The swimming and surfing and beachcombing is the best and there is always something to do in town if you get tired of the bliss and soul-searching in Madaket. 'The Wave', Nantucket's shuttle bus can be taken into town and leaves every half hour from the great new restaurant/ bar/ general store called "Millie's".
The island has great, safe bike paths throughout and bike's are easily rented on the island.
Nantucket Conservation Foundation has great walking trail maps available online and podcasts to help you learn more about the native flora and fauna.
The Town of Nantucket has world-class restaurants and casual burger places as well. One supermarket on the island--Stop and Shop is located mid-island, with a branch in town.
Nantucket is different. Living on an island has its benefits and drawbacks. The pace changes and the relationships with people and nature seem to take a break from anxiety and the actual art of living seems more relevant.

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Laurinda LeCain
Laurinda LeCain
Laurinda LeCain
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