Hi, I'm Debbie!

Hello! Thank you for visiting our property. My husband, Bob, and I have owned our cabin since 2009. It's a lovely, tranquil setting. Whether we're cruising along the shoreline of Bone Lake or sitting on the deck watching the bald eagles over our heads, we enjoy every minute.

Although the photo's do not show it, last summer we extended the side deck by 12' X 12". There's plenty of room to sit comfortably on the deck while supper is on the grill. The good news about the cabin being at the mouth of the channel is that we don't have the noise of motor boats racing by. It's always very quiet.

We LOVE to crappie fish! There's a couple of secret "hot spots" that we can share with you if you're interested. Bone Lake is a huge musky fishing lake. There are a number of tournaments that take place each summer. The muskies actually spawn in our channel so if you're sitting on the dock in May, on a clear day you can often see them swim through.

Although our beach is not conducive to swimming, we travel out to sunken island if we have the grandchildren over. It's kind of fun because to the kids it looks like we're going to be swimming in the middle of the lake but actually it is a large shallow area (approximately 1-2 ft deep) where we can beach the boat and the kids can get out and play in the water. It's not a secret on Bone Lake, on a hot summer day you'll see the spot by the number of boats in the area.

One of our favorite car rides on a rainy day is to drive to Cumberland and have breakfast and then make our way to Spooner. There is a GREAT ice cream stop at "Route 65" along the way, along with pottery and antique stores. I love the downtown area of Spooner. Stop by the Purple Pelican. It's a great upscale art gallery.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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Debbie Feldick
Debbie Feldick
From Plymouth, Minnesota
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Princeton Senior High School, Augsburg College