Hi, I'm Robyn!

My husband (Johnny Drake) & I love to welcome guests to our home. The best part about this address is that it's so close to everything. We have 6 grandchildren, love the Titans (football) & our passions are gardening and all things 'home'. Built in 1930, our house has hardwood floors, high ceilings, & we've done some customizing to made it one of a kind. Our neighbors are amazing ~ we feel blessed to be surrounded by good, friendly people who look out for one another. Johnny grew up in the music business; he's got stories galore, which he'll bore you with if you ever ask!!! (please don't ~ lol!!) I'm a music publisher & I work with songwriters in various capacities ~ I'm pretty boring compared to my husband! We hope we get the chance to have you as our guest!

Here is my property:

Robyn Taylor-Drake
Robyn Taylor-Drake
From Nashville, TN
Member since April, 2009
Trio Productions, Inc / Songscape Music, LLC