Hi, we're Rick and Danielle!

Aloha and Mahalo,

Danielle, Kim and I, look forward to having you at our home.

It has always been a dream of ours to live on the water in Hawaii.

In our early days of traveling to the islands. We stayed at the Diamond Head Beach Hotel. This location is a grand experience, and is still today.
As the staff became familiar with us, they knew our names and treated us like royal guest.
It left me with a very warm feeling as though the new friends actually cared. Well, this is what we call the "Aloha spirit of Hawaii".

We now have the opportunity to share the Aloha spirit with our guest and Ohana.

Hawaii is a blessed island. Like many others islands, the spirit of sharing and giving is one that comes naturally. With the spirit of the old days, we are all Family.

Thank you for considering us. We hope to be able to share our Aloha with you and your ohana soon.
Mahalo again.

Here are our properties:

Rick and Danielle Rivera
Rick and Danielle Rivera
From Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Member since April, 2009
Airline Retiree, Realtor/ Investor, Pool Contractor